May 7, 2018

3 Reasons Choosing a Local Crane & Rigging Contractor for Cell Site Construction Makes Sense

Cell sites are generally put up by large regional or even national networks that provide services over a wide geographic area. The professional responsible for overseeing the costs of cell site construction will see that it costs a lot more for crane and rigging services in NYC than it does in other places. In some instances, the difference in pricing can be breathtaking: it can cost up to ten times more to have a cell site built in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Yonkers or Queens.

Let’s talk about why that’s the case – and why, despite what appears to be the greater expense, you’re better off choosing a local crane and rigging contractor for NYC cell site construction:

The Rules are Different in NYC

In New York City, there are many rules and regulations concerning how cranes can be transported and operated. Some of these rules are unique to New York City, which means even very experienced contractors from other areas may never have encountered them before. Simply getting a crane to the build site can be an issue: without the right permits or required personnel, you’re not going to get too far!

New York City DOB regulations require crane operators to be experienced and licensed. Crane and rigging crews must contain qualified personnel in key positions. The crews are often larger than what’s typical on lifting jobs in other states: one of the main reasons contractors who aren’t from New York City run into issues when they’re working here is because they don’t have the right, qualified personnel on the job. The proper personnel means larger payrolls. That’s one reason crane and rigging services in NYC cost more.

Understanding Stop Work Orders

Another issue that many out of state contractors are surprised by is the speed and ease with which the DOB issues stop work orders. Stop work orders bring your project to a halt until the situation is remedied – a process that can take quite a bit of time and money, depending on what the initial cause of the stop-work order was. Additionally, stop work orders can result in fines for the crane company AND for their client – not great news if you need to stick to a budget!

NYC Stop Work Order for Crane Services

Supporting Local Businesses Saves You Money

There are additional cost savings to be realized when you choose a local crane and rigging company for NYC cell site construction. The cranes, operators, and crew are already in the area, so there will be little to no travel time expense. To find out more about how choosing the right crane company to put up a cell site in NYC can save you money, contact us today.


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  1. I am glad that you mentioned stop-work orders can delay our rigging or even project work. My brother is building his new company and he doesn’t have time for delays. I will have to talk to him about getting a rigging company that understands stop-work orders and when to really use them.

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