November 1, 2020

5 Ways Boom Trucks Make Your Life Easier

As a New York City crane and rigging company, L&M Crane & Rigging provides all necessary machinery, operators and crews to get the job done right. We work with you to determine which type of lifting apparatus is best for your needs, and ensure your lifting project meets all necessary safety requirements. Now, cranes are great for a lot of lifting jobs, but if any of the 5 scenarios below apply to you, chances are you need an L&M Crane boom truck for your lift!

#1: You’re Lifting Less Than 50 Tons

Boom trucks have less lifting capacity than cranes. Oftentimes, you’re not always lifting enough to require a crane’s capacity. For lighter loads – think: under 50 tons – a boom truck can be the better choice.

#2: Maneuverability is Key

Let’s say your job requires you to lift personnel at several different points over a short period of time. In this scenario, maneuverability is key. Moving a crane isn’t necessarily the fastest process in the world. But a boom truck fitted with a fixed man basket is highly maneuverable. Plus, our boom trucks can elevate personnel to over 200 feet – which is the highest in the industry! 

#3: You Need a Cost-Effective Lifting Solution

Of course, you’re always going to want to choose the lifting option that saves you money. In which case, a boom truck may be just what you need.

Pro tip: Remember, choosing a boom truck means working with the required operator and crew to keep your job in compliance with NYC’s strict DOB standards. If you get caught trying to cut corners, all your savings will be for nothing!

#4: Challenging Site Access

New York City has some highly congested neighborhoods that can be difficult to navigate—especially in Manhattan. In situations where getting a crane on-site would be problematic, it’s worth considering a boom truck to get the job done.

#5: Your Lift Will Be Short & Sweet

When you only have one, uncomplicated load to lift, a boom truck of the appropriate capacity can be much more cost-effective than a crane of comparable capacity.

Ready to make life easier? Rent a boom truck from L&M Crane & Rigging. Call us today at (516) 546-3725,or request more information and receive an estimate!



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