December 3, 2018

As Construction Accidents in NYC Increase, How Can You Be Sure Your Job Site is Safe?

If you feel like you’ve been reading more headlines about construction accidents in NYC this year, you’re right. There’s been an 18.4% increase from January to September, with the number of job site fatalities doubling from 4 to 8. This is obviously a concern for everyone. OSHA and the DOB each have their own role to play in enforcing workplace safety. As property owners and developers, there are things you can do to ensure your job site is safe.

Make Safety a Priority

New York City is in the midst of a building boom. It’s part of human nature that people have a tendency to do everything they can to capitalize on the good times while they last. The construction industry is no exception. Contractors who are hurrying to do as much as they can as quickly as they can make mistakes. It’s the role of leadership – at every level – to be clear that safety is more important than speed.

The four deaths that have happened in Manhattan this year were tragically all preventable. There’s always time to make sure that safety measures such as signage, barriers, and other safeguards are in place to protect personnel. There’s always time to inspect equipment and address problems as they are found. Investing time in safety means your project doesn’t wind up behind schedule and over budget as the result If you’re on site and it seems to you that things could be safer, make your concerns known. You don’t have to wait for OSHA or the DOB to raise a concern.

Be Aware of Staffing & Training Requirements

When you’re considering bids for your construction or repair project, you’re going to find contractors at every price level. Be aware that some of the bids that initially appear to be more affordable are low because the contractor is willing to cut corners – either by not providing staffing at the level required by NYC DOB, or by having personnel who don’t have the required licenses or training. Question the numbers you’re presented with. If a bid seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Safety First at L&M Crane & Rigging

We can only speak to our own industry – crane and rigging services – but we can tell you with absolute confidence that every lift conducted within the five boroughs requires a specific array of trained, qualified or licensed personnel; including crane operators, master riggers, and more. The DOB has stepped up inspections throughout the city, partially in response to the increase in worksite accidents. Be aware that if your site has too few personnel, or if those personnel lack the proper qualifications, city inspectors will not hesitate to issue a stop work order. This will put your project behind schedule and cost you money. You can find out more about how to prevent Stop Work orders here.


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