February 16, 2018

When Choosing Crane and Rigging Services in NYC, Picking the Lowest Bidder Can Be Very Expensive

Whether you’re involved with a new construction project or have repair work that needs to be done right away, at some point you have to consider the cost of the crane and rigging services involved.  Cost containment is part of everybody’s project, but there are times when choosing the lowest bidder for crane and rigging services is just not a good idea. Here’s why:

NYC has incredibly complicated regulations for crane and rigging services. To stay in compliance, there are many rules to follow. Not following the rules can bring project costs down, so there are companies that don’t follow the rules.  A very common example is the lowball bidder who uses a crane operator who doesn’t have the proper license, or operates without a master rigger, or uses riggers, signalmen and flagmen who are not licensed. They’re willing to take the chance that there won’t be any problems on the job, and that city inspectors will not ask any questions – and they know that if things go wrong, the brunt of the consequences fall on you.

When Everything Goes Wrong, It Costs You Money

We live in a world where things do go wrong, and city inspectors do ask questions. If the crane company working on your project isn’t following the rules, the city can and will issue a stop work order and fines. A stop work order is exactly what it sounds like: once it is in place, all work on your project stops. Not just your crane and rigging work – everything stops. There’s no excavating, there’s no building, none of your contractors can do a single thing to move your project forward until you get the situation resolved with the city. How long do you think that takes? Not to mention thousands and thousands of dollars in fines.

NYC Stop Work Order for Crane Services

Meanwhile, your expenses aren’t going away, and you have your own deadlines that have to be met.  So much for saving money! Reputable crane and rigging services cost a little more because they do the job properly and in compliance with New York City’s many regulations.

The most expensive mistake on any project is the mistake that’s completely avoidable. Choose your crane and rigging company carefully. Consider multiple bids. It’s important to keep costs down and the best way to do that is to avoid stop work orders.  Choose a crane and rigging company that has a proven record of doing the job the right way. It may cost a little more up front, but you’ll save money in the long run.


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