February 1, 2020

The Highest Safety Standards: Crane & Rigging Equipment and Machinery

Construction safety is no joke. Those who don’t take it seriously more often than not end up paying the price through machinery breakdowns, worker injuries and/or costly project delays.

Here at L&M Crane & Rigging, we don’t just strive to comply with safety regulations—we aim to exceed them. In addition to being licensed in New York State, New York City, and New Jersey, all L&M Crane & Rigging operators are OSHA, NCCCO, Bechtel and Jacobs-certified. This means all our operators follow best practices to ensure safe operation throughout the duration of your project.

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Safety Checks on Material-Handling Equipment & Machinery

Day in and day out, we inspect all equipment and machinery to confirm that they exceed OSHA safety requirements. Our daily routine consists of careful walkarounds, thorough pre-lift inspections, and regular assessments on all of our cranes, boom trucks, man baskets and rigging equipment (which includes hoists, ropes, chains, slings, shackles, chain falls, pull-lifts, etc.).

Such methodical checks and rechecks on the conditions of all our material-handling equipment gives our clients immense peace of mind. Why? Because when you choose L&M Crane for your construction project, you’ll rest assured knowing that all equipment and machinery are running smoothly and efficiently from start to finish.

Experience the peace of mind that working with a safe and mindful crane and rigging company brings…

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