March 20, 2019

Crane Service for HVAC Repair in New York City: Getting Your Money’s Worth

Whether having work done to your building’s HVAC was part of a planned upgrade or is happening on an emergency basis, there’s no doubt it puts a strain on the budget. Everyone wants to save money – but you might want to think twice about choosing the lowest bidder when choosing a crane service for HVAC repair. Instead, focus on getting your money’s worth from the crane service you choose. Here’s what you’ll want to look for:

A Crane Service That’s Responsive

Time is money, especially in New York City! You don’t want any avoidable delays slowing down your project timeline. Why wait to have a new rooftop unit installed? L&M Crane and rigging is known for our prompt service. We have equipment and crews ready to go when needed. We specialize in complex lifts, which is important when your HVAC equipment needs to be lifted from a distance, needs to be hoisted over other buildings or obstacles, or when nearby utility lines complicate the situation.

Saving Money on Crane & Rigging Services in NYC

New York City has some of the strictest rules and regulations regarding crane operation in the nation. The Department of Buildings inspectors are very vigilant when it comes to checking operator qualifications, crane inspections, and more. There are complex rules for each lift site regarding crane and boom truck placement, operation times, and operating personnel.

Avoid Fines on Your NYC Construction Project

Failure to comply with any of these regulations can result in very punitive fines for the property owner! These fines are extremely high. For example, if crane and rigging personnel are found to not be in compliance with the City’s new safety training regulations, the fine can be $5,000 – per worker. Having only a few unqualified personnel on site can raise the cost of your rooftop unit installation more than $10,000.

Don’t take chances! Make sure the crane and rigging company you choose is prepared to do the lifting job in complete compliance with all city regulations. This is the smart way to save money.


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