Crane Services

L&M Crane offers all types of crane services in Long Island, all five boroughs, the greater NY area & NJ, from small boom trucks to 600 ton cranes. Our involvement continues throughout your project, including obtaining all required permits to complete your job.

Determining the right size and type of crane is an essential part in planning every crane job. At L&M Crane & Rigging we carefully evaluate every project to determine which crane is most cost effective to fit the needs of your job. We offer a variety of different cranes, as well as boom trucks for jobs of all sizes and needs throughout Long Island, the five boroughs, the greater New York Area, and New Jersey. Our fleet even includes specialty cranes for jobs that have obscure physical dimensions and needs.

All Terrain Crane

All Terrain Cranes

All terrain cranes are best-suited for large-scale projects. We offer all terrain cranes from Tadano, Liebherr and Demag, all with different capabilities. The ideal crane for your rental depends on how high you need equipment to be lifted, how far the crane needs to reach to set the equipment, the weight of the equipment, and the physical dimensions of the project site. The capacity levels of our cranes range anywhere between 50-500 tons, with boom lengths ranging from 131-276 feet. Boom lengths in excess of 450 feet can be achieved simply by adding a jib and/or boom extensions, when needed. Our team will assess the details of your job and determine which crane and configuration is best suited to meet your needs. Learn More

Boom Truck L&M Crane & Rigging

Boom Trucks

The size and flexibility of boom trucks makes them ideal for smaller scale projects. Our boom trucks have capacities ranging from 33-50 tons with boom lengths between 127 and 194 feet. Some of our boom trucks also have flatbeds under the boom enabling us to transport your equipment to and from the job site, eliminating the need for additional trucking. Our boom trucks are also available with Certified fixed or hanging man baskets that are capable of hoisting personnel to the tallest heights available in the industry. Learn More

Specialty Cranes

Some jobs aren’t suited for all terrain cranes or boom trucks. For those projects, we turn to specialty cranes, including Knuckle Booms, and Gantry Cranes.

Knuckle Boom Trucks

Knuckle Boom trucks are essentially more compact versions of standard boom trucks. The main difference between them is the articulating boom. They’re efficient and effective in construction and rigging projects that take place in unusually tight areas.

Gantry Cranes/Hoists

Gantry Cranes are more simplistic in design and are built to straddle a jobsite or workspace. They are available in various sizes, depending on your project needs. Some even adjust to fit the space, allowing for use on uneven floors, and in spaces with varying widths and heights. Gantry cranes are also easily assembled and disassembled for maximum efficiency. Gantry Cranes are ideal for indoor rigging applications.

Safety is our top priority. All of our crane operators are licensed in NYC, NYS, & NJ. In addition, they are also OSHA, NCCCO, Bechtel and Jacobs certified and follow the best practices to ensure safe operation at all times.

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