Boom trucks

We offer boom trucks capable of handling up to 50 tons.

Boom trucks
Type Capacity
National 14127 33 ton capacity
National 18142 40 ton capacity
Manitex 50155 50 ton capacity

Boom Trucks & Knuckle Boom Trucks

For HVAC Installations & Repairs, Cell Towers, New Construction & More

L&M Crane is your one-stop source for your crane and rigging needs. Whether you need to remove or install roof-mounted HVAC units, generators, or other building systems, lift personnel in man baskets, install cell towers on poles or buildings, or you’re planning a new construction project, we can provide you with the proper equipment, operator, and logistical support you need to get the job done right.

We provide boom and knuckle boom trucks to meet your project needs, large or small. Hanging and fixed man baskets are available as needed. Safety is always the top priority. All man baskets are tested and certified. We offer the highest tip height for a fixed man basket in the industry, and have boom trucks up to 50 tons capacity.

Ideal for wireless and utilities industry applications. Our experienced team lifts cell towers, cell tower poles, cabinets and antennas in a highly efficient manner, keeping your project on schedule. Difficult to access sites and challenging installations are our specialty.

Why Choose L&M Crane for Your Project

L&M Crane exists to make your project simple and stress free. Our team handles everything, from the initial intake and site inspection through crane and crew sourcing and deployment, permitting, cleanup, removal, disposals and more. We will work with your vendors to coordinate equipment drop off, transport, and installation in a very timely fashion. You can rely on our 20+ years of experience and professionalism.

Our ability to respond quickly to clients through the greater New York City area, including all five boroughs, Long Island, Staten Island, and New Jersey means we’re often the most cost-effective solution. Emergency response services are available: discover why we’re the greater New York City area’s top choice for crane and rigging services.