Fixed man baskets

Our fixed man baskets are tested and certified for use in the five boroughs. They’re perfect for getting your personnel into hard to reach areas. We offer the longest reaching fixed man basket available.

Boom trucks with Fixed man baskets
What they're used for

Fixed man baskets are used to lift personnel to elevation. Fixed man baskets are affixed directly to the end of a boom to provide a stable, secure working environment. Fixed man baskets are sometimes called personnel platforms, work platforms, or personnel lifting baskets.

L&M Crane provides 2-man fixed man baskets throughout our entire service area, which includes the greater New York area, Long Island, New Jersey, and all five boroughs of New York City. For short-duration projects, choosing a boom truck with a fixed man basket is often a more cost-effective option than choosing a man lift, which will need tractor-trailer transport to the job site. L&M Crane and Rigging has boom trucks capable of reaching 200’, the highest available in the industry.

Fixed Man Baskets: For Repair, Construction, and Installation Projects of All Types

L&M Crane provides total lifting support for our clients. That means we work with you to determine the best, most appropriate equipment needed to get your job done on time and on budget. Our experienced operators are highly skilled and have all appropriate licenses, and they make your personnel’s safety the top priority at all times. Fixed man baskets are available for repair, construction and installation projects of all types, and are often used by the telecommunications, utility, signage and lighting industry.

L&M Crane Keeps Your Personnel Safe
You want your personnel to be able to perform their duties confidently, and so do we. That’s why all of the fixed man baskets L&M Crane provides are all fully inspected, certified, and meet OSHA standards. Our operators and crews are highly trained, very experienced, and committed to keeping your personnel safe.

Safety is our top priority. All of our crane operators are licensed in NYC, NYS, & NJ. In addition, they are also OSHA, NCCCO, Bechtel and Jacobs certified and follow the best practices to ensure safe operation at all times.

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