Specialty Cranes

We offer a variety of other cranes to complete even the most complicated lifts.

Specialty Cranes
Type Capacity
Knuckle Booms Various capacities
Gantry Cranes/Hoists Various capacities

Specialty Cranes: For Complicated Lifts

With over 20 years’ experience providing crane services throughout Long Island, the five boroughs of NYC, the greater New York area and New Jersey, L&M Crane has seen every type of lifting & rigging project imaginable. Some lifts are more complex than others. Whether you’re facing terrain challenges, lot limitations, or have to lift from within the building, L&M Crane has you covered. We provide specialty cranes, experienced professional operators and crews to ensure your most complicated lifts will be easier than you’d ever imagined.

Knuckle Booms

L&M Crane and Rigging provides knuckle boom trucks, operators and crews to meet your project needs, large or small. Hanging and fixed man baskets are available as needed.  Safety is always the top priority.  All man baskets are tested and certified. 

Gantry Cranes/Hoists

For the ultimate in overhead lifting power, L&M Cranes provides several high capacity gantry cranes and hoists. Ideal for indoor industrial and commercial rigging applications, gantry cranes can be configured to meet your specific job site requirements. Gantry cranes are also used in situations where the load to be lifted is positioned below ground or on otherwise inaccessible lower levels.

Not Sure What Kind of Crane You Need?

It’s not always clear what the best way to approach a complicated lift is, or what equipment will be necessary to get the job done. That’s why L&M Crane is here to always ensure the right equipment is used for each project. We’ll work closely with you, and visit your site ourselves, to develop and deploy a lift and rigging solution for even the most complex sites