May 1, 2019

Cranes and Boom Trucks for Glass Installation Projects in NYC

It’s impossible to overstate how much of New York City’s architecture involves glass. Every building has windows. A significant portion of buildings have curtain walls composed of glass and set in aluminum frames. Glass partition walls are a popular feature of many corporate and co-working spaces. During construction and remodeling jobs, glass professionals complete the actual glass installation. However, you’ll need a NYC crane and rigging company to elevate glass prior to installation.

How High Can A Boom Truck Reach?

While some glass installation jobs obviously require a crane, there are times when a boom truck is the better lifting solution. Our boom trucks can lift over 200 feet, which is the highest available in the industry. We hoist commercial glass installation equipment, including vacuum suction cup heavy glass lifters, and maneuver them into the proper position and angle as required by the job.

Boom trucks are useful for elevating glass partition walls and other building materials to height on a building site. Our boom trucks have capacities ranging from 33-50 tons with boom lengths over 200 feet- the highest in the industry. Some of our boom trucks are fitted with flatbeds allowing for easier transport of building materials to your site.

Choose an Experienced Crane & Rigging Service to Keep Your Glass Installation Job on Schedule

New York City is one of the world’s most challenging construction environments. The equipment needed to lift glass to elevation must be operated in accordance with DOB regulations. This applies to boom trucks and all-terrain cranes. For jobs requiring crane placement over a subway, additional permits, engineered drawings, and MTA-approved parking locations are necessary.

L&M Crane and Rigging is a full-service company, which means we provide assistance with every aspect of the job, including planning and logistics, permitting, and more. We’re available for your glass installation lifting needs throughout the greater NY area, including New York City, Long Island, and New Jersey.

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