March 9, 2019

Cranes for Moving Machinery in NYC

Manufacturers, health care facilities, and property owners who need machinery moved in NYC face a unique set of challenges. Whether we are installing machinery or equipment, removing it from a building, or simply relocating it from one location to another, each situation presents challenges.

Machines can be extremely heavy, large and awkwardly shaped, and have delicate components and controls. All of these factors make moving machinery challenging. Hiring an expert crane and rigging service is essential, especially when most moves need to happen quickly.

Moving Machinery – Need a Crane in NYC?

When you’re choosing a team to move your machinery, you want to hire the most expert riggers you can find. Experience matters during complex lifts, particularly when moving machinery from buildings, roof tops, towers, or other difficult to access locations.

L&M Crane and Rigging has been providing best-in-class lifting services in Long Island, New York City and the greater New York area, including New Jersey, for over 20 years. We’ve moved a lot of machinery, including manufacturing machinery, construction and industrial equipment, building system components and more.

We Take Care of Everything, So You Don’t Have To

L&M Crane ensures that all lifts and machinery moves are conducted in compliance with NYC regulations. Your machinery move may require engineered drawings, permits and more. There are very specific rules detailing crane placement and operating times. Additionally, rule and regulations dictate how cranes may be brought onto and off of the job site.

Additionally, the City has strict regulations requiring what personnel are required to perform a lift, as well as the type of safety training these professionals must have.

Our team takes care of everything, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Click here to get an estimate today.


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