June 13, 2019

Forklift Rental in Long Island, NYC’s 5 Boroughs, The Greater NY Area & NJ

L&M Crane and Rigging is known for our boom trucks and all-terrain cranes, but we also provide forklift rental services and operators as needed for your smaller lifting jobs. Forklifts are available in a variety of lifting capacities, ranging from 4,000 – 15,000 pounds, with the ability to elevate loads up to 17 feet.

Our forklifts are suitable for most general lifting needs. When you call to rent a forklift, we’re going to ask you a few questions. Questions in regards to what you’re lifting, what type of surface you’re lifting on – whether it’s dirt, grass, concrete or blacktop. These questions help us determine which forklift will best meet your needs. In situations where the ground is very uneven and maneuverability matters, we have a MOFFETT capable of lifting 5,000 pounds up to 10 feet.

Forklift Rental: For Small Business & Household Lifts

Many lifting jobs involve quite a bit of work. If this isn’t something you do every day, it can be pretty challenging. If you need help, we have qualified personnel available, including operators, riggers, and helpers. Working with an experienced team makes figuring out the best way to lift your load safely and securely into place easier and faster.

We will bring the forklift to your location and pick it up when the job is done. We’ll work with your schedule and are very responsive if you need a forklift on short notice. We serve Long Island, all 5 of NYC’s boroughs, New Jersey, and the greater NY area. Our pricing is competitive, and our service and support can’t be beat.

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