October 9, 2018

Increasing Demand for Cell Site Installation Makes Expert Crane & Rigging Services Essential in NYC

Two new consumer technology advances – 5G Cell Service and smart devices – depend on a robust network of antennas to function properly. This means a significant number of new cell sites are going to need to be installed over the course of the coming year – a challenge given the high number of cell sites that are already in place.

Cell Sites are Becoming Harder to Access: A Note About Complex Installations

Are you coordinating cell site placement in the New York City, Long Island, or NJ? If so, you know the easy to access, affordable locations are already occupied. Installing new cell sites is becoming increasingly challenging. That’s why it’s important to work with a crane and rigging company that has years of experience and cell site construction expertise.

Erecting a cell site in New York City comes with some unique challenges. There are numerous regulations regarding where cranes can be placed, the acceptable routes for bringing a crane to a cell site, and the hours a crane can operate. Additionally, the DOB requires very specific personnel depending on the size and location of the cell site. Personnel must possess appropriate licenses and certification.

For example, on a typical cell site installation job in NYC you’ll need a crane operator and master rigger. You’ll also need riggers, signalmen, and flagmen. Additionally, need pedestrian managers in highly congested areas. Each person has a specific role to fill. It’s a good best practice to work with a crew whose qualifications surpass the bare minimum requirements. This way, you know they’re equipped to address the challenges inherent in today’s more complicated cell site installations.

Reliable Crane & Rigging Service in NYC for Cell Site Installation

It’s essential to have a crane and rigging service you can rely upon. This is especially true when you’re trying to coordinate the installation of several cell sites on a tight timeline. You want to know the crane company you’re counting on will be on site on time and do the job quickly and efficiently. Additionally, you’ll want them to comply with all DOB regulations. L&M Crane and Rigging has a reputation for excellence because we’ve spent decades doing what we said we’re going to do.

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