June 20, 2018

Keeping the Neighborhood Happy: How Choosing the Right Crane & Rigging Company Impacts Project Success

Whether you’ve got a construction project in NYC, a cell site installation or you’re having repair work done, you want the job to get done on time and on budget. That means taking steps to prevent avoidable delays.

Neighborhood complaints can lead to avoidable delays, as the DOB is tasked with investigating complaints. If the complaints are determined to be founded, a DOB inspector can issue a stop work order. We’ve talked about the impact a Stop Work order can have on your project here and here.

Noise & Work Hours: Top Source of Neighborhood Complaints

There’s no doubt that having a crane in your neighborhood can be inconvenient. As part of the lift planning process, certain steps will be identified to minimize the impact of the crane on neighborhood residents as much as possible while ensuring the project remains in compliance with DOB regulations.

The top three sources of neighborhood complaints related to crane and rigging services are:

  • Crane placement – including situations where cranes block sidewalks and proximity to buildings
  • Construction noise
  • Work timing – including weekend work or work early or late in the day

The Role Your Crane & Rigging Company Can Have in Keeping the Neighborhood Happy

One of the benefits of working with an experienced NYC crane and rigging company is that you can be sure all of the necessary paperwork is done correctly. Crane placement must be exactly in accordance with DOB approved drawings. Variance permits must be obtained in order for cranes to operate at certain hours of the day. Doing things properly won’t keep the neighbors from complaining, but it will help keep your project on track when DOB investigators show up to see what’s going on.

The crane and rigging personnel also have a direct impact on maintaining neighborhood relationships. This is especially true of personnel like pedestrian managers who deal directly with the public. Having skilled, experienced professionals in this role can keep community relationships cordial throughout the duration of the project. Again, in New York City, it isn’t necessarily possible to avoid every complaint, but by proactively managing the situation, the best crane and rigging service keeps complaints to a minimum so the project stays on track!


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  1. You make a very good point when you bring up pedestrian managers and their relations with the public. After all, when you bring a massive crane into a neighborhood it is going to cause some disturbance. By hiring a professional rigging service you also get pedestrian managers who can handle neighborhood concerns about the crane.

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