March 1, 2020

Spotlight on Rigging Safety: Long Island Rigging Services

In our previous blog post—Spotlight on Rigging Safety – we listed some best practices followed by our qualified riggers throughout every lifting job. Though we perform crane and rigging services all throughout New York and New Jersey, we’re going to focus this blog post on rigging safety as it applies to lifting projects on Long Island.

Safety First: Long Island Rigging Company

All L&M Crane‘s riggers are qualified and authorized to complete rigging services in both Nassau and Suffolk counties. Their extensive knowledge base on rigging safety stems from years of experience rigging on Long Island. Our riggers effectively exceed all expectations of a full-service rigging company.

As with all the services we perform here at L&M Crane & Rigging, safety is our top priority. When our expert riggers are on the job, they’re constantly practicing job site safety methods to ensure that your Long Island lift runs smoothly. Here are a few things they always have in mind when completing a rigging job:

  • Load Weight: All riggers working for L&M Crane are able to correctly calculate the weight of a load. This skill is incredibly necessary, as load weight influences both the rigging materials being used in the lift, and affects crane operations. If a load is not appropriately rigged for its weight, the safety of all those involved in the lift is at risk.
  • Evenly Stacked Materials: When our riggers are handling heavy loads, they ensure all materials are stacked appropriately. This means building a solid base with the heaviest items on the bottom and lighter items on top.
  • Integrity of Rigging Equipment: Our riggers thoroughly inspect all rigging equipment prior to each Long Island rigging job. If a piece of equipment is even mildly frayed, skewed or otherwise compromised, it is disposed of immediately. All L&M Crane’s rigging equipment is superior, top-of-the-line quality.
  • Awareness of Surroundings: When it comes to calculating the radius of where a lift will take place, our riggers are skilled experts. They practice all safety standards to ensure that even safety issues that could be deemed “unlikely” are avoided.

Get Started with Your Long Island Lift

If you’re looking for safe, knowledgeable rigging experts for your Long Island lifting job, look no further than L&M Crane & Rigging. Contact us today to speak with a rigging professional and get started with your Long Island lift!


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