April 1, 2020

Now Available: NEW Hyster® Forklift Available for Rent

L&M Crane & Rigging has added a brand-new Hyster® to our existing forklift fleet—and it’s now available to rent for your New York or New Jersey construction project!

Our Hyster® 15,000 lb. capacity forklift is the perfect lifting solution for smaller scale jobs that don’t require the lifting power of boom trucks or all-terrain cranes. What’s more, all forklift rentals with L&M Crane & Rigging include the services of a qualified operator for the duration of your project when necessary.

Forklifts Available for Rent with Operator

Most lifting jobs require quite a bit of work; work that can be challenging if this isn’t necessarily your field of expertise. Fortunately, we have qualified forklift operators available to work with your team. This ensures your load is lifted into place safely, securely, quickly, and easily.

We bring the forklift to your job site and bring it back when the job is done. We’re known for our responsiveness —and work with your schedule to ensure high quality service, even on short notice. We proudly provide forklift services in Long Island, all 5 of NYC’s boroughs, New Jersey, and the greater NY area.

Ready to Rent? Here’s What We’ll Need to Know

Ready to get started with a forklift rental for your NY or NJ construction project? There are a few questions we’ll ask when you call to get started with your rental:

How many pounds is the load being lifted?

Our forklifts have lifting capacities ranging from 4,000 – 15,000 lbs.— suitable for the majority of general lifting needs.

What height is the equipment being lifted to?

We provide forklifts for rent that can lift equipment up to 17 feet.

What type of surface will the lift be completed on?

Dirt, Grass, Concrete, Blacktop, etc. – Keep in mind that the evenness of the ground comes into play here. Maneuverability matters—especially during lifting jobs being completed on uneven surfaces. In such instances, we have a MOFFETT capable of lifting 5,000 pounds up to 10 feet.

Need a forklift for your construction project? L&M Crane & Rigging has you covered. Contact one of our lifting experts today to determine which of our lifting solutions meets your needs!



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