July 15, 2019

Planning Your Lift Timeline: Understanding the Impact of Permits & Permissions

Every project has a timeline. Adhering to that timeline requires that every task on the job is performed exactly when it needs to happen. But this is New York City – you can’t just decide you want to start your project and get to work. Your project may require permits and permissions, and these take time to secure. While every project is a little different, in this article, we’re going to talk about some common permits and permissions relevant to crane and rigging services, and the impact they may have on your timeline.

Parking & Street Closure Permits for Cranes

As we all know, New York City has an extensive subway network. You can’t park a crane directly over a tunnel without prior permission and permits from the MTA. This process can take from 4-8 weeks.

When crane placement requires partial or full street closure, additional permits must be obtained from the DOT. The timeline for these permits is generally shorter. One week for partial street closure permits, 2 weeks for full street closures.

A variety of situations impact what type of permits will be granted and what days or times they’ll be granted for. Furthermore, once permits have been obtained, they’re only good for a specified period of time (generally between 2-5 days). All work must be completed within this time frame, which can be complicated when challenging weather events occur.

Simplifying the Permits & Permissions Process

The work involved in obtaining the permits & permissions process for crane and rigging in NYC is significant – and that represents only a small percentage of all of the permits & permissions required on a construction site or major repair job in NYC.

As a full-service crane and rigging company, L&M Crane simplifies the process as much as possible for our clients. We handle all of the permitting and permissions relevant to crane and rigging services. This includes a pre-job site visit. During this visit, we will ensure there are no obstacles such as trees, wires, repair projects or street construction that will impact the project. In addition to the legwork, we provide support and guidance throughout to help keep the job on time and budget.

This partnership attitude and attention to detail is the reason why we’re the top choice for projects on a tight timeline. Contact our full-service crane & rigging company for your NYC lift today!


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