November 1, 2019

Spotlight on Rigging Safety

Safety is at the core of all our services here at L&M Crane—and rigging safety is no different.

Whether your lifting job requires the use of cranes, hoists, or other machinery, following rigging safety guidelines and best practices is an integral part of completing a lift safely and successfully.

Rigging Safety Planning & Strategy

When planning for a lift, our riggers view each and every job as unique; whether the lift will take place in a shipyard, at a construction site, or elsewhere.

We look at all the distinct variables of your lifting job—this includes any potential obstacles that could pose as a risk to the safety of all personnel involved in the lift. We then account for these potential obstacles when strategizing for safety in our rigging operations. Our professionals are equipped with the skill and know-how to perform all rigging operations safely and successfully.

Job site with rigging and crane

In addition to all L&M Crane rigging professionals being authorized to work in Long Island, all 5 NYC boroughs, the greater NY area and New Jersey, all our riggers:

  • Are qualified to fulfill all procedure requirements
  • Have exhibited proficient rigging techniques and are familiar with all rigging equipment
  • Determine potential hazards and risks before beginning the job (prompt audience to check out Overhead Powerlines blog?)
  • Effectively manage the risk factors associated with rigging operations
  • Can correctly calculate the weight of the load being lifted
  • Are well-versed in the capacities of the rigging gear necessary to effectively handle the weight of a load
  • Are adept at determining the approximate center of gravity of a load
  • Ensure a load is evenly stacked prior to the lift
  • Skillfully inspect all rigging equipment prior to a lift to ensure the integrity of all materials being used throughout rigging operations.
  • Check to ensure the landing area is clear and the load is set down slowly

If you’re looking for skilled industry professionals who demonstrate rigging safety with every lift, L&M Crane and rigging has the master rigger and personnel you need for the job.

Choose the peace of mind that comes with hiring some of the most talented riggers in the industry. Choose L&M Crane & Rigging. Contact us for your rigging needs today! 


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