September 1, 2020

Surprise Crane Inspections? No Problem. Save Time & Money with L&M Crane

In April of 2018, ABC7 joined NYC DOB inspectors as they performed surprise crane inspections on various job sites throughout the city. Many property owners and developers aren’t aware that the DOB reserves the right to inspect any job site at any time— without advanced warning or notification. As such, every aspect of your build must be conducted in accordance with DOB regulations to avoid fines and/or stop work orders. This includes crane and rigging services.

In the video below, you’ll notice the DOB inspector finds a crane without the proper wind meter installed. A wind meter, also known as an anemometer, is a piece of safety equipment used to monitor wind speeds at different elevations. As per regulations, cranes must operate at reduced capacity when wind speeds exceed certain limits. If the wind is blowing at 20 mph or greater – or gusts exceed 30 mph – crane shut-down is mandatory. Regardless of whether the wind is blowing or not, if the required wind meters aren’t in place when the DOB arrives, the crane can be shut down.

Safety Equipment & Documentation: Top Causes of Stop Work Orders

DOB inspectors take a no-mercy attitude toward any safety violation they find on a building site—and for good reason. They look for required safety equipment like crane-mounted wind meters and handheld anemometers, as well as review any associated documentation. DOB inspectors also check to ensure that the CD’s aren’t expired and that all log books are in order. Daily safety inspections are performed and documented, and all of the included paperwork is just as important as a hazard-free job site.

When contractors who aren’t local to the area work on a project in the five boroughs, they’re often surprised to discover that what’s normal procedure at home is against the rules in NYC. Stop work orders are expensive, and what’s more, they slow projects down. If you want to avoid receiving a stop work order, you need to choose a crane and rigging company that’s familiar with DOB regulations. L&M Crane & Rigging knows DOB regulations inside and out. Experience the peace of mind L&M Crane brings to your construction project. Click here to get an estimate today!


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