May 20, 2019

Watching Construction Costs & Project Budgets in 2019? Time is Money – Here’s How Crane & Rigging Services Factor In

New York City construction industry forecasts report that high real estate prices and rising interest rates are having a dampening effect on the area. Fewer new builds are being started, particularly of luxury residential buildings. For those projects that are going forward, containing construction costs is a vital element of achieving profitability. Here’s how your choice of crane and rigging service can impact your project budget:

Time is Money: The Importance of Choosing a Responsive Crane & Rigging Company

A vital aspect of keeping construction costs down is maintaining project timelines as closely as possible. The crane and rigging company may need to be on site at several points throughout your build. An experienced crane and rigging company will handle these deployments quickly and efficiently, avoiding any costly delays waiting for equipment or required qualified professionals to arrive on site.

The experience of the crane operator, master rigger, riggers, and all other required personnel directly impacts the quality of lifting work. An experienced crew may be slightly more expensive, but inexperience has its own costs. Therefore, when you have a complex lift, you want the most experienced team you can find.

Expertise Matters: The Benefit of Choosing an Experienced Crane & Rigging Company in NYC

Every project has a budget. Building in New York City can be very expensive. Everyone’s continually searching for the most cost-effective ways to complete a job. When it comes to lifting services, whether that’s HVAC installation, cell site work, or hoisting generators or building materials into place, the most direct route may be cost-prohibitive. L&M Crane and Rigging has the ability to handle even the most complex lifts. When needed, our team will perform a rig and roll – lifting picks to the edge of the roof and then maneuvering them into their final destination with small cranes, gantry cranes, or forklifts as required.

Avoiding Stop Work Orders – Top Priority for 2019 NYC Construction

The first rule of saving money is to avoid needless expenses. For NYC construction projects, that means avoiding stop work orders. The DOB may issue a Stop Work Orders for a number of reasons. Furthermore, no work can be done on your project until the issue is resolved and expensive fines are paid. The key to avoiding Stop Work Orders is to ensure that all of the contractors working on your project, including the crane and rigging company, know and adhere to all of the relevant rules and regulations. This saves you time and money! Contact L&M Crane & Rigging to start saving on your construction project today!



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